Карбоновый кислородный бак ITS (межпланетной транспортной системы) [club41152133|SpaceX] на барже (будет некое destructive testing, заправка кислородом на 2/3 от MEOP – maximum expected operating pressure).

Маск писал об этом на недавнем AMA. Полный текст запостившего изображения ниже:

Hey guys, greetings from Anacortes, WA.
Thought you might enjoy some pictures I took. Yes, my camera is a potato.
A few years ago one of the large manufacturing buildings in our small town got bought by a bunch of strange suits, supposedly by Boeing for special projects. Extremely tight security.
Even the shipping containers outside had biometric locks on them.
But yesterday they brought this thing out and loaded it onto a barge, supposedly for “destructive testing”.
Less than 24 hours later, it has already returned seemingly intact.
They could not have gone very far at all, so everybody around here is pretty curious about what they actually did.
I saw a few man-sized silver tanks that were being moved off the barge as well, which were also venting.

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